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About us

The history of Allesøe Custom Machinery

Kurt Allesøe started the company in 1963 in Karlslunde and in 1968, KA Mekanisk Værksted moved to its current location in Gundsømagle in Roskilde Municipal. During the following years, the company expanded from producing mechanical components to constructing custom machinery. In 1999, Kurt Allesøe Mekanisk Værksted ApS went through a generational change and Lars Allesøe, the son of Kurt Allesøe, took over management of the company, and he is to this day Chief Executive Officer.

In the beginning of 2009, the company undertook a mayor strategic project in collaboration with The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation. The aim of the project was, and still is, to meet the growing number of challenges that our clients face in regards to optimizing their production plants and minimize their labour costs. The process did amongst many other things entail a change of name from KA Mekanisk Værksted ApS to Allesøe Custom Machinery, which also included the use of a new logo.

The strategic initiatives that were instigated during the project have strengthened the cooperation between our construction department and our production facility. The greater extent of interaction between these two departments has made the developmental process more streamlined and in addition shortened the project time considerably.

Do you require more information about The history of Allesøe Custom Machinery contact CEO Lars Allesøe at +45 4678 7296 or via mail