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Custom Machinery for IMM

Allesoe has developed a system solution for handling injection moulded plastic parts – From the mould part is ejected from the mould and stored in a shipping box, it is protected from any inferences in the external environment to ascertain complete quality of the mould part.

Sorting Unit / Distributor Chute
The sorting unit can be installed underneath the mould in less than an hour, and is directly connected to the injection moulding machine’s interface, so that operations are interlinked between moulding and sorting, thereby securing clear-cut sorting of good parts, rejects and sample shots.

The upper funnel is constructed according to each injection moulding machine and number of cavities. In addition, the funnel can be coated with polyurethane to minimise the risk of mould parts bouncing out of the machine frame and onto the production floor. The sorting unit can be delivered with a shot sample arrangement (as illustrated) for operators to conduct visual quality control.

Conveyor System / Length Conveyor
Allesoe has developed a new type of conveyor system, that uses less energy than previous versions and with an FDA approved belt, which minimises the risk of byproducts among the plastic mould parts. As standard, the conveyor has a lexan conver and oil conduit to secure contamination of mould parts thereby lowering error rates.

The new conveyor type is prepared for a number of applications, such as Sorting Unit, subject distributor (as illustrated), frequency converter, cooling and/or ionisation unit. Overall the construction is thoroughly thought through in detail with a focus on user-friendliness and safety procedures at highly cost-efficient operating expenses.


Box Changer Unit
The Box Changer Unit is installed at the end of a Length Conveyor or within reaching distance of a part picker / robot placing it outside of the operator’s workspace. Changing of boxes is triggered by a signal from the injection moulding machine based on a predetermined production output. The unit can be supplemented with a buffer section of boxes, so that the operator is at liberty to concentrate on the injection moulding process and gathering of production data without having to attend to the peripheral equipment.

Installation of the Box Changer Unit is completed within less than a minute, and it is mobile, so that maintenance of the the injection moulding machine can be performed without nuisance.

See further details in Allesoe’s Product Catalogue for Peripheral Equiepment or contact CEO Lars Allesøe at + 45 4678 7296 or via mail