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Customised Machinery

We are a fairly small business, which enables us to perform our services with a great deal of flexibility compared to our competitors. Constructors and technicians at Allesøe work in close collaboration to solve our clients’ needs, and we exert ourselves in shortening the relative distance between idea and reality, so that the functional solution is practical and level-headed.

All constructions and drawings are executed in the 3D program Inventor, such that a comprehensive visual representation of the machinery in question is created prior to commencing manufacturing. We gladly visit our clients to present a 3D version of the projected product.

Allesøe was among the first users of Inventor in Denmark, and we continuously update our system and educate our constructors accordingly. We also work actively to assure that our sub-contractors have compatible systems, so that supplied parts are produced from the original drawings.

Custom machinery from Allesøe is CE-marked and approved according to Danish manufacturing legislation.

We do not disclose any referrals, as most of our clients prefer to remain unnamed, and we respect that confidentiality unequivocally.

Do you require more information about Customised Machinery contact CEO Lars Allesøe at +45 4678 7296 or via mail