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Automation process for plastic subjects

Allesøe Custom Machinery has for several years developed and produced an automation system to fill boxes with plastic subjects from injection moulding machines. The system is designed to secure the quality of plastic subjects and with a high degree of usability for the operator.

The system consists of a box changing unit with a touch panel with TFT screen, and an inspection ramp with acceptance control. The box changing unit is primed for a bar code reader and ionising equipment. Allesøe has developed a corresponding conveyor and sorting unit, which can be adapted to various injection moulding machines, and which protects the firmness of the plastic subjects during transit.

The latest model of box changing units has capacity to fill 10 boxes with an interface for NETSTAL ELION injection moulding machines distributed by H. Saxe Hansen A/S. The new model has a clip-on buffer section, which makes the system adaptable to the size of the individual production facility. From 2004 and until early 2009, Allesøe has produced and supplied more than 50 systems specifically designed to various plastic productions.

To minimize the risk of damaging plastic subjects after moulding, the sorting unit is engineered with a <1.0 mm gap, which reduces the number of production halts. The funnel is detachable and produced in stainless steel with roundings, so that minor subjects do not clinch. Additionally, the funnel is movable at length depending on the depth of the form. The conveyor is covered, and includes a distributing valve at the exit to assure even dispersal of subjects in the boxes to avoid congestion.

Allesøe has also developed at shot sample conveyor, which grants the operator direct access to regular testing of plastic subjects. The sampling unit has three positions: good samples; bad samples, and shot samples. Inductive censors control the active position, as opposed to pneumatic censors, which makes the monitoring considerably more accurate.

Allesøe Custom Machinery has a wide array of qualified suppliers. Steering and programming of the system is performed in collaboration with CR El & Teknik A/S, who has engineered the interface, such that the conveyor and sorting unit is regulated directly from the injection moulding machine through the box changing unit. In this manner, production and inspection run simultaneously, which reduces the workload of the operator, who in turn can perform other tasks concurrently. You can find more information about Alleøse’s peripheral equipment for injection moulding machines here.

Do you require more information about Customised Machinery contact CEO Lars Allesøe at +45 4678 7296 or via mail