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Inspection table

Allesøe Custom Machinery Ltd. has developed a feeding system for plastic balls for an American client who needed to inspect the injection moulded parts with very high speed and precision. The result was an inspection table, which has saved the client of 4-5 operators on shift and an additional 1 1/2 hours daily downtime on operations.

Allesøe’s client repeatedly experienced that subjects with different errors were not discovered in their manual inspection and consequently ended up at end customers. This created lengthy downtime with their clients, and had a negative effect on the U.S. producer’s reputation.

To mend the faulty deliveries and the inefficient production, Allesøe Custom Machinery Ltd. designed an inspection table in cooperation with Instruvision Ltd., which developed the vision system. The Inspection table is able to transmit up to 25 balls per. second (1,500 pcs. / min), which is twice as fast as a fully auto- matic submachine gun. Each transmission has a small space, so that even subjects with minimal defects were detected, including minor cracks and stains. The balls were measured with an accuracy of 0.06 mm.

The Inspection table has reduced the U.S. producers operating costs significantly by minimizing downtime and alleviated 4-5 operators on shift from a mono- tonous and tiresome inspection work. The transmission process has been continuously improved through minor adjustments achieving a steady performance on a daily basis.

Recently Allesøe’s partner Instruvision has reduced the daily outage duration further by actively taking part in the production and reprogramming of the system, so that the equipment is running smoothly according to customer’s production process thereby saving production time of around 11/2 hours.

Production optimization and efficiency are among Allesøe Custom Machinery Ltd. core competencies, and we engage in cooperation with our clients around the development and manufacturing of production equipment that is according to their needs and with a very high quality standard.