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Given our modest size, the temporal distance between the initial order to final delivery is very short, because we do not complicate matters with heavy bureaucratic procedures.

Our technicians produce a wide array of components themselves, but we also acknowledge when a sub-contractors can produce a component at a lower cost than we can. For that reason, we often outsource some of our production to remain price competitive.

Our key competence is to assemble custom solutions. We have an extensive and efficient network of sub-contractors to produce mechanical components as well as set-up of electrical installation, programming and electrical documentation. Long-standing relations with our sub-contractors grant us the luxury of expedient delivery of components, which ultimately benefits our clients.

Part of Allesøe’s quality management system is frequent dialogue with our sub-contractors, so that we always can guarantee a high quality in materials and components.

At Allesøe, we believe, excellent cooperation necessitates a mutually beneficial output for all involved parties. We select sub-contractors, whose products give value to our clients, and we often start-up cooperative relations with new sub-contractors, should our clients so desire.

Our associate partner in regards to electrical installations is CR El & Teknik A/S, who are specialists within PLC/HMI systems, frequency converters, and SMAC steering systems.

Do you require more information about Customised Machinery contact CEO Lars Allesøe at +45 4678 7296 or via mail