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At Allesøe Custom Machinery, we believe that developing and producing custom machinery demands a clear understanding of the client’s wants and needs. That is why we value a productive dialogue with our clients, so that our constructors and technicians can design a functional solution, which is tailored to the user specifications of the operator. We are in continuous consultation with the client before, during and after a project to assure that all needs are met.

We strive to have both a constructor and a technician from Allesøe present during client meetings. The reason for this investment is that our employees are experts within their particular fields, and they solve problems based on their individual competencies, such that both design-related and technical details are accounted for at the very beginning of a project.

As a principle, we do not charge for counselling and tenders prior to a project, as we believe, that clients should be at liberty to obtain offers on custom machinery to the extent they seem fit. In other words, we gladly pay potential clients a discretionary visit to discuss any production needs and optimisation issues. The only thing we ask in return is clear-cut conditions from the start.

Just as we have certain requirements for our sub-contractors, so too do we expect, our clients to have certain requirements for us. We are only able to honour these conditions, as long as all parties have disclosed their genuine intentions and expectations at the beginning of a project.

Do you require more information about Customised Machinery contact CEO Lars Allesøe at +45 4678 7296 or via mail